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  1. When I was syncing my starter valves my motor boiled over, I had a burned out fan fuse. I replaced it and then started up again, the fan would not come on till it reached 260 degrees. Hell with that I will turn it on myself! I need to replace that thermostatic switch, but even when it was running right it would not come on till it was 215f , I just want to be able to turn it on no matter what.
  2. Fan Override switch. The purpose of the switch is to be able to manually turn on the radiator fan. ?I did it out of necessity since my fan thermo switch wasn't working properly and I didn't have $50 to get a new one at the time. ?Priorities prevented it, so I took some wire a few connectors, a switch and wired up a bypass. It is a ground trigger switch, all it does is ground the fan power, it is tied into the existing thermo switch so that will still work. If you take the power lead off ?the thermo switch and touch it to the body of the radiator the fan should come on, thats how it works t
  3. I usually have a friend around, but I like to work on my bike when ever I get the notion. Which means an extra hand is not always around. It usually takes 2 or 3 people to measure sag, one to hold the bike, the rider to sit on it, and one to take measurements. Most folks skip the holder and have the rider stand on his tip toes while holding the bike up. I decided to give it a try SOLO with some ingenuity I came up with a plan that WORKED! The front sag can be done with a zip tie solo. However the back is what presented the problem. HERE IS MY SOLUTION REAR SAG It consist of a conical shap
  4. Those vests are silly looking but they are required on US military bases, I had to have one each time I went to Fort Carson on my Motorcycle, and when they say 25 mph they mean 24.99999999 and nothing over, or some 19 year old gung ho MP is gonna give you a ticket.
  5. Well I sure didnt, Last time there was a thread on the subject it was ugly, but then again this thread is not about that. I wonder Hav, just how much did all that stuff wiegh? ?I took maybe half that much on my 2 week trip to Laguna, I eneded up not camping at all except the first day, it was way too hot to camp by the time I would find a spot to camp I could have made another 100 miles to my destination. I could have cut my side bags, and went lighter. ? I wore my Stich so I did not bring Jeans, but rather these lightweight microfiber pants, they pack about 4 to 1. ?I could have left some
  6. There have been a few post on pulsating brakes, one cause is a warped disk. It is not a very common thing with floating disks brakes because they float on a band of rings and the rotor itself is heat tempered. However a dragging brake pad can heat up a disk and warp it. I have been getting alot of pulsation in my brakes as I begin to apply them, I suspected the rear brake, it is difficult to tell, so I put the bike on the rear stand and turned it to see if it was rubbing, I could not feel any rubbing so I turned next to the front wheel. I jacked up the front wheel and this time I could feel th
  7. After tearing off my right OEM footpeg, I decided I would replace them with light wieght Lockhart Phillips adjustable foot pegs. Completely remove the old peg, take out the cotter pin, remove the holderpin and washer. The Peg is camberd to allow it to pivot. I put the footpeg in place then slid the holderpin just far enough to hold the peg. Push the spring back in place like so Slide the holder pin all the way down. Replace the washer Put in a new cotter pin and bend it around the holder pin. Turn the adjustable foot peg to the desired postion Tighten the allen bolt C
  8. Procedure for Fuel Injected VFR models VTEC follows below on a reply post To diagnose a fuel injection problem on a 5th generation vfr with the ECM self diagnosis feature, Begin by removing the seat, locate the ?service check connector? and you will have to find a ?jumper wire? not provided. 1. With the ignition key to off and the engine stop switch on RUN 2. Short the ?Service Check Connector? 3. Turn the ignition key to on, do not start the bike though 4. If the ?FI? lights up and stays on with the ignition key on then there is no memory data 5. If the ?FI? BLINKS then there is dat
  9. Yes, It is just a swap out of the turnsignal relays. The relay is located behind the top cowling behind the dash. It is just a simple plug and play device.
  10. Taking off the front wheel is outlined very well in your owners manual! It is just a matter of jacking it up from under the headers, getting off the axle bolt, taking off the 4 caliper bolts, taking off the 4 axle pinch bolts then sliding out the axle. It goes on the opposite way. somtimes the calipers bolts might be on really tight carfull no to strip them. I did a pictorial how to here Remove the wheels Jasco stripper is very thick and can be put on very precisely, however its caustic and hazardous.
  11. I would not recommend stripping the front wheel while it is on the bike! ?Esp. if your using a stripper and not doing it using elbow grease, too many things you can get stripper onto that would not be good! ?Brake lines, caliper seals, ABS, the tire itself, also there is not enough room to do a good job if you leave the wheel on the bike. ? If you just to strip the rims and leave the spokes black just tape it off with a good body tape, then paint on the stripper with a good brush that you can control, if your gonna do it the old fashioned way using sandpaper then you will need to take off the
  12. Clutch This is cake if you just did your brakes! remove the cap to the clutch fluid, suck it out or use a rag. The bleeder bib is on the clutch slave cylinder near the kickstand ( Bleeding a standard VTEC We began by removing the seat and prepping the back area for work. Take off the 2 black Plastic pieces on both sides of the tank. Actually its not necessary to remove the piece on the right side but It could be a bit of a hassle to deal with. Removeing the Plastic on the right side With the plastic removed you have more room to work, push in the center of the plastic clips to
  13. Power Commander Control Center The unit has several Tables that adjust different things, as youmay know the PC takes inputs from various sensors and adjusts the readings. The PC simulates a different reading from the sensors to adjust the way the ECU delivers fuel. These sensors are the Throttle position sensor, Atmospheric pressure sensor, and Manifold Pressure sensors. These sensors control different portions of the powerband in different ways, because different conditions impact each sensor differently, Manifold pressure has a greater effect on low rpm conditions than the Atmospheric s
  14. LED Voltage Gauge A precise, continuous way to monitor your bike's alternator output and battery condition. An essential instrument if your bike has bigger or extra lights, or other powered accessories. It uses a solid state, ultra compact design that is extremely durable and completely waterproof. This voltmeter fits anywhere and comes with two interchangeable, numbered faces so it can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Indicates from 9.3V to 14.8V using a ten segment multi color bar graph readout. Small electrical system changes are noticeable at a glance. 1.85" x 2.8" x .5" CAT.
  15. I decided to check out the rear axle since my bike has 23k on it, to check for signs of bearing failure and axle wear. Begin by losening the main bolt The main bolt is a huge 46mm jobbie that is on very tight I borrowed Craigs socket to get it off, at this point you just want to get it loose, since its easiest to do with the wheel on the ground first loosen this bolt with the wheel down on the sidestand. Remove the rear wheel Remove the Chain Gaurd It is held in place by 2 screw type plastic clips, 2 hex bolts, and 2 brackets that hold the brake hoses. Once you get the chain
  16. Here is a link to a very well written and useful site discussing maintenance, disassembly and reassembly of VFR cartridge forks. (You may need to paste this link into your browser.) ?Enjoy! ?Larry http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~rblander/VFR_forks.html From the link above, it sounds like fork oil changes should be ?routine. In fact, it sounds like a good idea to change the fork oil twice. First, drain the oil. Then fill and pump the forks, just to get clean oil into the valve stack and pick up any remaining dirty oil, followed by a second draining. Then a final oil fill. Anyone ever do that? A
  17. For that race ready look and ease of plastic removal use Dzus clips, availible at Lockhart Phillips in packages of 3, 3 clip, 6 grommets, 3 slip on backers. ? Lockhart Phillips (949) 489-9090 Part number 236-203 $19.95 I used 4 packages, they went on with out incident for the most part, however there are a few modifications that need to be made for the 2 backers that fit on the top where the ABS meets the softer plastic dash, where they connect with the metal fastner hole. 2 layers of plastic and a layer of metal makes the clip too short to reach the backer pin, I fixed this by using nee
  18. 20K Valve Check After Riding to California and back I thought it was a good time to do some major maintenance, replace the front tire that's cupped, 8k miles (not bad) oil change, clean the K&N airfilter, and check the valve clearance. Began by removing the upper and lower faring and seat. This is also a good time to clean engine parts of dirt and build up I removed my K&N filter and soaked it in water with laundry detergent. Remove the Gas tank clamped off the gas lines. Remove the reedvalve tube, and unhook the rubber bib to get to the rear cylinder head, remove the 4 10
  19. They get dirty of course, but the upkeep is about as much as they were before, getting the chain wax off, tar from the road, They dont seem to tarnish its aluminum. Just about the same as the oem paint wheels. :laugh:
  20. After reading several websites on polishing wheels I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Begin with the right tools, Jasco gel stripper, disposable brush, acid gloves arm length, steel wool or other scouring device, a soft brass bristle brush is good. Keep some bakeing soda around incase you get the stripper on your skin or somewhere else you dont want it. Wear eye protection, full length sleeves and pants, wear a shop apron if you have one. If you have a barrel or somthing to hold up the wheel so that the paint can be collected use that. I had to scrape it off the cement then washed off w
  21. How to remove the wheels The procedure is well documented in your owners manual page 171. To remove the Rear tire, place the bike on the center stand, remove the mounting bolts that hold the pipe and swing it out of the way. Then loosen the lug nuts and remove the wheel. Removing the Front Tire I don't have a front stand anymore so I used a block of wood and a sissor jack, just let the block rest on the header pipes, that is how it is described in the owners manual. Before you lift the bike, Remove the Calipers from the forks first, Left side has 2 hex key bolts, the right has 2 10mm bo
  22. Installing Signal Cancel http://www.kisantech.com sales@kisantech.com November 5, 2001 The signal minder is a unit that replaces the Mitsuba turn signal relay on your VFR The unit can also be set so that if the brakes are engaged (at at traffic light) the signal minder will not cancel The unit cost $89 us at regular price VFR Forum Members 10% off regular price The unit automatically turns itself off, it can be programmed to shut off in 10 seconds to a minute. If they get enough or
  23. Installing Sargent Quick Release Pins Standard Honda "FrankenBolts" Difficult to remove Sargent Quick Release Kit 2 QR pins rubber backed washers 2 clear plastic tubes (not visible) 2 zip ties (I did not use) I added a red cord eyeglass holder to replace zip ties Tools needed Drill 1/4" drill bit for metal Screwdriver for bolt Knife or tube cutter pencil or marker Drill out the threads I used WD-40 on the drill bit to keep the bit from overheating and melting the body work Insert a washer on the QR pin like so Plastic tubing needs to be cut to
  24. How do you make a shim? You can buy autobody shims or make your own out of large washers, you just need a slot to fit around the shock bolt. use a hacksaw to cut a slot into the washer, I am seen here using my vise as a guide for the saw. measure and label the shims so you can record the effects each has, use them together even. Move the gas tank out of the way and loosen the shock bolt but do not remove, just make room for your shim (17mm nut on the 98vfr) Carfully place the shim between the shock housing and the top of the frame then tighten the bolt down, this takes some nimble fi
  25. Changing Rear Brake Pads Simple but you will get your hands dirty, no need to remove the caliper it is done without having to take the caliper off. Begin by removing the padpin! Remove the Pad Pin using a Hex Key, mine was stuck I had to get leverage. Reach in and pull out the old pads the inside pad must be removed by pulling out then up above the brake linkage arm (It is in the way) as seen in this pic. I had a bit of pad left but they were worn more on the stop side then on the piston side. (the bike does not have opposing pistons they have a metal stop on the other side o
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