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  1. For Sale White 8 spoke rear wheel and front wheel - with an incomplete street fighter project bike. 1990 VFR750 with clean title on non-op. Mileage unknown. Location - Coachella/Palm Springs, California. Asking $900. I bought it mainly for the fuel tank, petcock, and plastics. I am selling because I am running out of room with another bike incoming. PO stated the bike was a running mod project with fairly new tires. The carbs had been rebuilt and sync'd prior to starting the project. The bike sat for 1.5 years due to a newborn baby. Comes with a solo seat(not pictured). Other than that, what you see here is what you get. Delivery to the SoCal area for the new owner is available for a gas fee. Will help to load with your transport/delivery service.
  2. I am on the fence with removing mine. It looks a lot more complicated than the ones I removed from my Kawasakis. How easy is it to source the blocking plates?
  3. I bought stuff for my CBs from a bunch of Thai sites before. They have very good sites for NLA stuff. My problem is waiting for the mail to show up from Thailand
  4. That's what I usually do with my CBs because I know where to source all the needed parts. Besides the link from a Thai site that Bmart forwarded, where can I find the parts? Is there a link/store that has the information of all the parts sizes and such?
  5. Very nice find. LOL, I am eyeing that gas tank 🤤 I checked my engine for running with starting fluids after going through the pre-starting procedures. Which carb rebuild kits do you guys prefer for the VFR? Keyster or All Balls?
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