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  1. Hi all VFR 800 riders So I just returned from a long rideout all day about 300 miles on my VFR, with a 2017 Duke supersport, but I seem to suffer from rear buttock pain at the top of the back of my thighs and stiff legs. After about 3 hours I need a leg stretch and walk around like Douglas Bader for a few minutes rubbing my cheeks. The other riders in my group on Aprillia Kwaks and Dukes seems to have no issues or need a break before I'm begging for a layby stop. So the VFR is a sports tourer and I read riders doing miles and miles, but I'm done after about 2 to 3 hours, maybe 4 at a push. Before I start looking at gel seats and trying to fix my riding issues, does anyone have the same problem, have they solved the same problem or is the bike and me not suited. I love the bike its a great all rounder, and enjoy riding until I get that cramp feeling and then its uncomfortable and literally a pain in the ar*e !!!
  2. Hi Everyone🙃 I have joined the forum as moved from CBR to 8th gen 2015 VFR and whilst the one colour is a trademark of the VFR, I want to place some graphics on the panels to break up the "redness" colour So before I venture into the unknown of first time fairing removal on the VFR, ( did it on two CBR's Which was painless but a test of ones patience) which can be tricky and there is always a clip, screw, pin, fastening that keeps it from leaving the frame, does anyone have any photo of the stages of fairing removal. I have looked and there are bolts and push pins dotted about, I have the very bottom fairing off but now working my way to the middle, so before I start my 4 letter ranting and pulling and pushing in a fit of frustration 😆 is there any help out there. (fairing with the black side panel attached) Any help would be great from those that have been there and done that. I have searched google for any diagrams, photos & manuals but so far drawn a blank for 8th gen. Sorry if this has been discussed before but picture process works best for me. I will post before and after pictures when done but need to get the panels off to get started. Thanks in advance
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