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  1. My thanks to thumbs and JZH - just coming back to this now. Out a few more miles on the bike over summer, spots are on as is the gear shift ind. and all is good. Just got to take the plunge probably and go with the seat next!
  2. thanks guys, I've alreay bitten the bullet and bought the gear change indicator, a couple of spots and a touring front screen, so I'll probabaly be back on these pages with an update as to whether they fitted - still at a loss to explain this response from Sargent though ... Hello Alan the reason people have had problems fitting the seat is because it is designed for use on the 2002-2009 models only. Sorry to say Sargent do not manufacture a seat for your machine.
  3. Hello, I recently bought a 2012 VFR, listed is some places as a 6th Gen A9 series, and I also saw it described as an RC46 in the logbook. Problem is - i'm trying to find how to fit a gear selector indicator but cannot find anythign online relating to the 2012 VFR and the ECU.... eg, where is it! Everything online seems to point to 2002-2009 VFR 6th Gen only (even the Haynes service manuals). Then I tried looking into a Sargent seat ... again, same problem, they seem to stop in 2009 (and Sargent say they dont have a seat for the A9 (2012 VFR). Was there a radical shift in design between A8 and A9 series VFRs and if so, where can I find out what? Any explanations greatfully received.
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