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  1. thanks guys, I've alreay bitten the bullet and bought the gear change indicator, a couple of spots and a touring front screen, so I'll probabaly be back on these pages with an update as to whether they fitted - still at a loss to explain this response from Sargent though ... Hello Alan the reason people have had problems fitting the seat is because it is designed for use on the 2002-2009 models only. Sorry to say Sargent do not manufacture a seat for your machine.
  2. Hello, I recently bought a 2012 VFR, listed is some places as a 6th Gen A9 series, and I also saw it described as an RC46 in the logbook. Problem is - i'm trying to find how to fit a gear selector indicator but cannot find anythign online relating to the 2012 VFR and the ECU.... eg, where is it! Everything online seems to point to 2002-2009 VFR 6th Gen only (even the Haynes service manuals). Then I tried looking into a Sargent seat ... again, same problem, they seem to stop in 2009 (and Sargent say they dont have a seat for the A9 (2012 VFR). Was there a radical shift in design between A8 and A9 series VFRs and if so, where can I find out what? Any explanations greatfully received.
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