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  1. Thanks again mate. So the Yk2 bolt straight on then.
  2. Hi all hope you’re well . Got bike back and all is running well. They replaced the wiring loom and that seems to have been the problem. On another note does anyone know where I can source this Allen bolt for my 1998 mirror. Thanks again. Paul
  3. Yes mate, I popped in to the dealer yesterday and they have new wire loom ready to install. I asked them did they try any the solutions that was advised on here and they confirmed they did 😏. So they if that doesn’t work then it looks like a refund or they source me another 5th generation. Thanks Paul
  4. Hi thanks for your help. The mechanic is Honda trained but it’s not a Honda dealership. They have checked the electrics as I have been told that is why they have ordered the ECM and loom. Its no cost to me ,if they cannot rectify it then a refund I will seek. Thanks again Paul
  5. Hi all thanks for your reply and help . The bike is still with dealer and they are ordering a new wire loom . As their mechanic ie Honda training still cannot find the source off fault. I may have to pass on your information to him. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi all. My Vfr 1998 model is playing up. The power was dropping when head lights were on and the FI was flashing. Luckily I had a 3mth warranty on the bike so returned to dealership. They ordered a new ECU unit and they tested it but when bike heats up FI light show’s up again. They still have the bike and are now ordering a new wire loom to see if that’s the problem. Has anyone experienced same problem on 5th generation Vfr. Thanks for your help. Cheers.
  7. Hi thanks mate Yes the other side is no space showing. I will loosen the screws and try it. Cheers
  8. Can someone explain is there a clip that fastens this as it just appeared. Ie fairing slightly separated. Thanks.
  9. Hi all thanks. Heres my 5th generation VFR
  10. Hi all I’m a new member to this club. I ride a 1998;5th generation model and a BMW R1100GS . I traded my blackbird in for the VFR and thoroughly enjoying the bike. It has 38000 and comes standard apart from screen,came with scottoiler fitted and givi luggage racks which my top box fits . Im in Scotland,United Kingdom. Cheers
  11. Hi what is the best weighted bar ends for my 1998 VFR . Cheers
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