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  1. What a great looking bike.
  2. Hi I've been trying to get the GIVI 1132 pannier racks in the UK, no one seems to have them, or they are only available from outside the UK for way too much money. It's annoying as I have the necessary top box mount, top box & side panniers, just can't seem to source the PLXR 1132 kit. Anyone in the vicinity have one to sell? it's actually easier to get the new Givi racks for older gen VFR models which seems weird? Cheers Paul
  3. Cheers for that, it's good to know as I've not seen it on previous 2 bikes. Thanks for confirming 🍺👍
  4. That's my view too... 🤔✊
  5. Thanks Dutchy. I thought the same, just surprised they're scratched into metal instead of using semi-permanent pen. Dealer not seen them etched-in either. Luckily not a part that can rust...
  6. Just down the road from you in Avening, between Nailsworth & Tetbury... I picked the bike up from Crescent Honda in Southampton on the 24th. Frustratingly, it's missing a couple of bolts from the foot peg brackets - dealer thinks they were swiped from bike while in the showroom, so can't really ride it until they send new ones down in a few days... didn't notice until i got it back after 95 miles... I know Wotton quite well, fun switch-backs up the hill. A friend of mine works in the school too. Might be fun to take the VFRs out? Has your's been trouble free? I've got a couple of mates in the village who still have their late 90s 750 versions, one of them has had it from new! Cheers Paul
  7. First post to say hello. I've been riding big bikes for about 7 years (I started late at 42) - with Ninja 650, then Triumph Tiger 800 & now a VFR. I managed to bag one of the very last new 2020 bikes for sale in the UK, what a great bike in every respect... I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the attached image - just giving the bike a good look over, and spotted what looks like SME 07 has been scratched into the bike just in front of the rear shock, I'm guessing this was done at the factory, is this normal or someone having a laugh? Cheers in advance Paul
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