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  1. Ya know, before I buttoned everything back up I thought I should put this post up, because I thought a kind soul like you would come along with these troubleshooting steps. Maybe a pinned post with these steps is in order?
  2. I did not check that thoroughly, no. I was pretty surprised at the condition of things. I expected to see corroded traces and screws. Everything was very clean. I guess, to be honest, I'm kinda disappointed that it was that clean. I guess a broken trace at this point would be preferred to what appears to be a dead LCD.
  3. Hey all. I have a Y2K that appears to have a dead LCD. Just had the dash out of the bike. There is 12 volts at the connector, and I could not find any damage on the traces. Confirmed continuity from the connector to the screw labeled "BATT" on the LCD board. Now what? Are there replacement LCDs available?
  4. Hello all, say hello to who I think shall be named Nanner. A little about me. I'm 44, wanted a bike since I was a teenager. Pulled the plug last year, picked up a Duke 390 to cut my teeth with. Took to riding pretty quickly and decided it was time for an upgrade, so here she is. Was a one owner, approximately 25k on the clock. I say approximately because it had the dead LCD issue which I will be rectifying shortly. So far all that's been done is tires (Dunlop RS3), chain and sprockets (JT), and an oil change. Next on the list is the reg/rec upgrade. After that....who knows. Will be asking lots and lots of questions. Happy to be here!
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