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  1. I recently followed this thread with considerable interest, since I have a newly acquired 6th-gen (2002) RC46 VFR with what seems to be an identical issue! I'll be running the bike in 3rd or 4th gear (I'm a very 'born to be mild' rider) with the tach indicating between 5K and 5.5 or so, and maintaining a steady throttle position, when the power starts to fall off somewhat. To correct that, I have usually applied just a SLIGHT bit of throttle, at which point the bike surges annoyingly. I like to ride at a steady rate and 5K, so having this 'drop-off and surge' thing is a rather big frustration!
  2. Hi Kalikiano, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. G'day, gentlemen. I have a recently acquired 2002 '6th-gen', California model VFR that I am just getting used to. Previously had a yellow '5th-gen' 2000 Viffer that I loved (but stupidly sold!). The new 2002 Viffer has the controversial VTEC system, of course, which I embrace rather reluctantly...but went ahead with the 2002 purchase anyway, hoping for the best. The bike has 32687 miles on the clock and was previously used for highway commutes by its prior owner (so the story goes). At any rate, I find that at an RPM of about 5500 (more or less) and in 3rd/4th gear, the throttle i
  4. Thanks, Dutchy. I checked that originally and found nothing that I associated with a Honda key code, unfortunately, unless a teeny, tiny 'HA1' is in fact that code (this that appears very faintly on the bottom of the tank's filler lid, but is so hard to see it could be overlooked...which is in fact what I did!). Does 'HA1' seem to you to be a Honda key code? Thanks. Cheers, K2
  5. OK. took my original down to a local locksmith shop after the blanks arrived and they were able to make two perfect copies of my ignition switch key for me, using the correct 2002 Honda MC (OEM) blanks I provided. I still don't have the ignition key code, but as long as a locksmith can make duplicates for me, it's inconsequential. The blanks I ordered were available on eBay and cost about US$30 for two. FYI: Since there are apparently two or more different blanks available for Honda motorcycles of this year (2002), it is important to be sure the blanks you are purchasing are the correct ones (
  6. I have an original 2002 (North American) VFR800A2 ignition switch key for my bike (it's located in Sacramento, CA USA). There is no key code engraved upon it. I recently received 4 correct key blanks for this year/model and now I have to have them cut. Checking online I have run across all sorts of information on where to look on my bike for the correct Honda key code, including the seat-lock switch, under the gas cap, on the plastic bottom end cap on the ignition switch cylinder, etc., etc., but cannot find anything resembling the correct Honda key code for my bike. I'm thinking o
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