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  1. Alright, the job is done. I ended replacing the wire terminal and soldering a copper wire to the switch and it works like a charm now. Thanks everyone for the excellent advice!
  2. Would I be better off just soldering a copper wire to the oil pressure switch instead of replacing the whole harness?
  3. Alright, so I finally managed to find the oil pressure switch. It turns out it was hidden behind the thermostat which wasn't mentioned in the service manual. So, I had to remove that too which was a massive pain in the ass. The wire going to the switch was cut. I'm guessing it was an accident by the previous owner's mechanic. I'm not sure why he didn't just buy a new wire harness as they are not that expensive anyways. So, now I'm ordering a new wire harness and I guess I'm going to replace the old oil switch anyways since I already have a new one. Also attached to the wire
  4. One thing I did not notice when buying my 2007 VFR800 was that the oil light does not come on when the key is turned. According to the manual, it should always come on before the engine starts. The bike runs fines and I have noticed no problems whatsoever with performance. Some may say this is a non issue but if the oil pressure system doesn't work and I have an oil leak, for example, the oil drain bolt falling out while riding and I am not notified of this via the dash my engine will be seriously damaged since it is running with little to no oil. There's two things I can t
  5. I've ridden my bike a lot recently, testing the speed and acceleration and the light has never came on since. Except at the usual times during startup. So I'm gonna assume this is a non issue but that will change if it comes on again.
  6. Today, I was accelerating pretty fast thanks to VTEC in my 2007 VFR800 and the FI light came on while I was hauling ass but turned off as soon as I rolled off the throttle. Should I be worried about this or is it normal?
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