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  1. This part is leaking oil and I don't know what this part is called. Does anyone know the name of this part and it'd for a 98 VFR800F
  2. I'm looking for this white 8 spoke rear wheel for my 98 VFR800F and I been looking for this wheel for a while now. If I can get any help on locating this wheel for sale that be great and appropriate. TIA...
  3. Rayzerman is there a step by step video to change out the lights?
  4. Rayzerman how did you get your dash lights so bright like that? Is is easy todo do that?
  5. Yup I found it thank you for your help man it was hard to see it because it's fully Wrapped Around a bunch of wireswires
  6. 1998 Honda VFR800FI, WHERE IN THE F IS THAT DAMN FUSE BOX? It's not under the seat nor around the battery I looked there and not on the right side of the bike either. I'm looking for the fuse box because none of my blinker lights work and I just ordered a signel relay and wanting to find the fuse box to check if it's just a fuse. This is how it happened I cut one of the back turn signal wires and I splice the wire to run wire to the front for my review led mirros. One I connected the wires together and not knowing the wires where touching eachother I turn the key and hit the turn signal switch and I hard a pop and now the signal lights don't work. My heads light work just fine but not the signal lights. Please help to find that fuse box or a picture on how it looks. TIA...
  7. Hey Rayzerman is there a video that can show step by step to install that gear indicator?
  8. I need help step by step instructions to install these review mirrors on my 1998 Honda VFR800F. When I bought this bike 1 week ago the owner cut off the old wires from the old review mirrors. I don't really know about bikes so hopefully this is not to difficult. Please any advice is really appreciated. TIA
  9. Thanks bros I got it running due to bad spark plugs and got that broken plug out and runs beautifully. Thanks for the help...
  10. Will I changed the spark plugs and it started right up BUT lol I broke one of the spark plugs inside the port and the thread is still in there. Any tips and tricks to get it out ?
  11. Thanks for the help and also I took out the spark plug and it's burnt and no spark and the plug was wet with gas. So I'm going to replace all 4 plugs and see if that will fire up.
  12. I bought a 1998 vfr800 couple days ago and it's my 1st bike and it started right up like nothing with no issues. 1 day ago I washed it top to bottom and ever since then it doesn't want to start. I can hear the fuel pump turn on and it cranks but I can smell gas coming from the muffler. I'm wondering if I chocked the engine becuase I had the choke open all the way and the weather wasn't that cold. Any tips to solve this?
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