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  1. My headers arrived unscathed! Mr. Squiggle did a very thorough job of packing, and he even threw in all the hardware, gaskets, and aluminum Sebspeed center stand stop that he had collected for the header! 😆 Due to the fact that now is coming into some of our best riding here (cool mornings/evenings, warm afternoons, mountain roads open and clear, many days still sunny) and due to a lot of my spare funds currently going to my Suzuki Cappuccino restoration project, I will probably install these and work on a tuning solution sometime this winter. Here's a few photos of the big sturdy box, and the headers out of the box on the kitchen floor. And before someone asks, yes, that is a dirt bike wheel in the front entry of my place. 😜
  2. I've managed to locate an unused header to buy...Mr Squiggle came through and I'm quite excited! Thanks for the help, everyone! Now I've just got to figure out how to tune it....leaning towards the My Tuning Bike as it seems to have some great features, but the Power Commander may not be as capable, but it is so well-known and well-supported, that it has some appeal as well.
  3. It looks like I missed out; but I’m totally committed for the next batch for my 6th gen! I messaged MrSqiggle a few weeks ago about buying the uninstalled set he has for sale on these forums (even though shipping from Oz would likely be expensive) but it seems he hasn’t logged in for over a month. 😩
  4. Hi ae86andkp61, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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