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  1. They are. I have owned most of the makes out there and I have never had any issues with a modern Honda. I say modern as I once owned a 1975 CB500T. NEVER, EVER, get one!! Lovely bike but made of the softess metals they could find. Complete engine rebuild, including worn out cams, at 23,000 miles. Only made them for 18 months or so (from memory), as they were so shocking, and then went to the better 500cc engine. So anyway, didn't put me off Hondas, so I didn't learn my lesson, and now been a VFR fan since I bought one new in 1988. They just do what they say on the packet, and very well too.
  2. Brilliant and makes me feel really good. Why? I have a VFR750 I bought new in the UK in 1988. About 338,000kms, or 210,000 miles and I have couriered on it, raced at Brands Hatch, been all over Europe and then bought it with me to New Zealand, where I now live. Bought and engineering business afew years back and we do bike and car engine rebuilds. Classics, V8s, diesels, trucks, anything. And the guy who runs it is a mad biker, with 13 bikes. So who better to work on it? Back in the UK I had a bike shop specialising in VFRs are started the VFR Owners Club back in the mid 1990s. SO I know a little about them. Took it into be looked over and anything that needed fixing was going to be done. Like you, everything checked. Very slight wear on the barrels, just need a hone out. Rings fine, compression fine, carbs fine. Been dynojetted pretty much since new and got a race Renegade system on it with K&N air filter. So we'll do the hone, replace the rings, (be silly not to) and replace the clutch basket bearings as they are a little rattly. But apart from that, everything is fine. So moral of the story is use your VFR. They can take it and their reputation as one of the best made over engineered bikes ever made is well deserved. I'll do many more miles on mine, I reckon I'll stop before it does! And I had a new 1998 VFR800 as well. Much quicker, smoother etc, but prefer the old 750. Like a pair of old slippers, after 32 years, we're kinda mates now and can't see me binning it! Thanks for your story, makes me feel that we haven't missed anything on mine. These really are frigging good bikes......
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