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  1. Hi there, Following a stupid move at low speed my 2004 VFR had fallen over the right side and got a bent in the front cowl stay and some bruises on the cowl itself. Looking to replace the stay (metal frame), as the cowl is no longer aligned properly , I can only find a replacement (even as used) for >2006 VFR. Looking at the parts fiche I also see that there are two slightly different P/Ns for the part: 2002-2006 - 64500-MCW-D00 2006 onward - 64500MCWH00 I'm actually seeing different P/N between VFR800 and VFR800A (02-06 -> 64500-MCW-D
  2. Unfortunately I don't have the right things to make a 3D scan of the pieces, and it would be overkill to ship it overseas. But I have them mounted on my bike, and I can confirm that they are some kind of rubber. I can also do some measuring if that helps or send over some pictures.
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