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  1. I had a full givi tubular setup on by Blackbird, water got into the tubes and it rusted from the inside out. Welded and powder coated 6mm steel is far superior in my opinion.
  2. So, still waiting for 3 vtec valve buckets ex Japan so the bike is still in bits on the lift, I’ve been wanting a top box carrier for a while as I’m using the bike to commute during the summer months and the ones in all the usual places (fleabay) et al are all to expensive, so I welded up my own design in the garage from scrap I had loafing around. When the bikes reassembled and dressed in red I’ll post up some pics of the box too.
  3. Done front and rear bank measurements now. All 8 VTEC clearances are tight and out of spec and 6 of 8 standard valves are out of spec, it an absolute prick of a job, fiddly, time consuming and now I think, expensive!!! No wonder it cost so much at a dealership and understandable why it’s often neglected. More to come.
  4. Stripped my 2014 Gen 8 Bare and removed cam covers to check valve clearances. No service history when I purchased 2 years ago come Feb 1st. Made up some vtec slide pin stoppers from a 6mm drill bit. Only done the rear pair of cylinders so far but all 8 valves are out of spec. Beginning to think this is the first time they were checked. 61kms on the clock. More to come.
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