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  1. Do you have a photo of them installed without the fairings?
  2. Sounds like a plan!! thank you all for your help. Fingers crossed the compression is good.
  3. Hi all, I’m undertaking a streetfighter build and I wanted some advice on what to service while I have the engine out (50,000 miles). I recently bought a 5th gen and the previous owner said it was mechanically perfect. I was keen to replace valve cover, engine cover and water pump gasket. Also the radiator hoses (changing to front mount), engine loom gauge upgrade and redress, intake rubber boots, COP kit, spark plugs, clutch pack and oil cooler. Obviously fluids will be changed too. Im also giving it a big clean and respraying the valve covers. I was wond
  4. Read this whole thread and you guys are unbelievable, well done! I really want to buy a set for my 5th gen and would happily pay up now and have them sent to Australia if i'm not too late!!
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