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  1. Dont overlook the possibility that an aging, weak, battery may be the cause. It happened to me. Also check battery connections to make everything is clean and tight.
  2. Shortly after purchasing my 2012, I noticed that squealing noise too. There is the usual sound of the fuel pump pressurizing the fuel rails, in the second immediately after switching on the ignition. But, then after the fuel pump is done doing it's thing, there's a persistent & continuous squealing sound cycling over & over. And it seems to vary slightly when you twist the throttle grip, right? I went looking for the source with a stethoscope. As others have noted already, the squealing sound is ultimately due to normal functioning of the TBW system. On mine, I found it to be
  3. Error code 34 is due to an unexpectedly high, or low, feedback voltage coming from the exhaust servo (referred to as the EGCA in the service manual). Sounds like you may have pulled on the cable that controls the exhaust flapper inside the muffler. Which in-turn rotated the servo wheel to either the fully counter-clockwise (or fully clockwise) position. Makes sense, given you mentioned that you had to move the exhaust out of the way. You can try to physically rotate the servo wheel to it's mid-way position and retry (mid-way between fully counter-clockwise and fully clockwise). It
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