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  1. the numbers are ok to see. maybe its where i have it mounted. but the surrounding lights are a better indicator. all red on left and all green on right with no yellow and you know you are good to go. no lights equal bad day lol
  2. Got mine in the mail today and installed with a voltmeter. Very happy. TT was great to work with on this. Never had any issues.
  3. My led h4 I got fits in my 07 no problems and no trimming. Pic stock vs led RCP H4 HB2 9003 LED Headlight... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078BNXCR4?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  4. Lol funny guys. Just over 21k km Tomorrow I'm gonna clay bar and wax
  5. I've used RCP brand from Amazon.ca for my 2 vehicles and my current motorcycle with no issues.
  6. Just getting a VRF800, see my hello post, but first thing I am gonna upgrade is to LED lights. I was thinking since they have separate low and high beam bulbs i might put a Yellow LED for the lows and white for the highs. do the lows turn off when the highs are on?
  7. haha i could turn the ZR7S into a cafe racer and then buy an enduro bike lol. then a cruiser. then a true sport bike. so more like 5 lol
  8. Well until I sell the kawi I own 2 now lol
  9. Around here bikes sell all the time. I'll get my money back easily. Already have some bites. Not worried. Its classic retro. I've only seen one other for sale in Canada with this paint scheme and its 3k more than what I paid lol
  10. Hi all. Just bought a 2007 vfr800 25th anniversary edition. I've been look at late 6th gen vfrs and was out on a ride last Sunday (700km ride) on my current bike, 2003 Kawasaki ZR7S, and stopped at a dealer that was open and they just got it on trade. Well I fell in love and bought it Tuesday. Picking it up this Saturday. Only got one pick of it when I was at the dealer. It's mostly stock. Previous original owner only added a gear indicator . Only has 21k km on it. Got it for a steal at 5k out the door. Expect to see posts from me soon. Both bikes shown. Kawi is for sale now. My first bike ive owned
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