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  1. Honda has discontinued this part number. No longer available unless you find one on the used market
  2. https://trickbitzltd.co.uk/product/honda-vfr-vtec-2002-2012-comfort-kit/
  3. 2004 model. Temperature gauge seems to be acting up. The bike warms up and the initial reading is 46C. Normal riding is typically anywhere in the low 80-82C range. Sitting in traffic on a hot day and temps reach 100-102C. Cooling fan comes on as it should. However...my issue is that sometimes the gauge drops all the way down to 35C and then jumps back to the 70C range..especially if i have been on the bike for awhile. I'm wondering if the gauge fluctuation can cause the cooling fan to shut off unecessarily. Exhaust is kinda loud and I can't typically hear the fan. Thoughts?
  4. I get nothing above 11.8v with engine running and high beams on regardless of engine speed
  5. Yup that's what i see. And that's what the Factory service data (section 17-9) says I should see. By "cactus" are you saying it's good or toast? Still confused. The bike has had the harness recall done if that matters. I've also installed the VFRNess as well.
  6. I'm currently dealing with the typical electrical issues. However, the stator tests (resistance and continuity to ground) seem to have given me false positives. Just plugged in my new R/R and fired it up....No charging at any engine speed. I'm 0.5ohms over the factory spec. in terms of resistance between the charging wires. Is that enough to render the stator junk? I just took the stator cover off and there's discoloration in the windings over 3/4 of the stator.... the part usually submerged in oil looks normal copper windings and the rest looks darker.
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