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  1. @squirrelman: Great collection! Especially the colours of your 400ccm-bikes are pretty much nicer than my NC21-grey/white and NC23-black ones. Today I cleaned up my chain the very first time and found out: it is probably the first-original-Honda with japanese signs. So now I'm pretty sure the 34.000km are real and not 134.000 😊 So the bike has a average usage of only 1000km/year on the road. I dismounted the main fairing for keeping it clean, safe and unbroken. So service is more easier too. Installed 2x EBC MD1006 front brake discs.
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  4. Hi there, I am 46 years old, from Germany and ride usually a RC24 from 1989. I also drive now a Honda NC21 (and NC23). Finest thing from Japan in 1986! 34000km + excellent condition. I just love the sound of the gear driven cams.
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