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  1. I'll be gone for some time nad because of that I placed her in a garage, made her clean and cleaned the chain too. Nothing much, but enough I would say.
  2. Thank you all for replying. Now I can better prepare myself for the test drive and what to look for.
  3. Thank you very much. This is a big point.
  4. If you come to Dortmund again ;). You're welcome.
  5. Well @MaxSwell you made me think about it. Again. 😒 But in a good way. Thank you. I have one request more. Is there any way to get some information what should I watch out for? There are some general things to look for, of course, but are there any special thing with this VFR800 to be checked during first test drive, before buying it? Any special sounds, unusal movements for example...? Or such a topic already exists here, on forum? If it is so, I apologize in advance.
  6. Thank you all. Yes, riding is a better term, I'll try to keep it in mind. It is a little bit cold in Germany, so I beg you all for patience for those photos. But now, seriously, why is the fifth generation the best one? I must say that the sixth one looks somehow nicer with those exhaust pipes under tail. Or it was just a joke and there is no "bad" or "better" generation at all?
  7. Hi all, to be precise, Dortmund area. At the moment I am not driving any motorcycle but I am currently in a search phase for a VFR800 RC46 after a drove one from a colleague at work. I've heard a lot of nice words about this forum so I hope that I'll blend in without any knowledge.
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