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  1. Hi there, Trying to revive a nice white 1993 VFR, and needed some parts myself. Bought a kind of hybrid project bike from somebody, with gen.3 and gen.4 parts on it. Took what I needed and putting the rest up for sale. Posting some parts here, but if you need something else, just sent me a PM. Parts include a gen.3 frontwheel with discs and good tire, main frame and subframe, all brake parts. complete engine (looking bad from storage outside, but complete), radiator, front forks etc., just ask. Parts are located in NJ, pick up preferred, but willing to ship. First picture is the parts bike I bought, there is also a full lefty exhaust on it, but has some dents and a lot of rust, so do not know if it is usable. Muffler is okay. -8 spoke wheel, in pretty good shape, some damage on the edges on it and a very worn tire: SOLD -Fuel tank, no dents and no rust inside. Will trade for a nice white one or: $125,- -Gen.4 dash, cowling around it is cracked but rest looks okay: $50,- -Gen.4 carburetor assy complete: SOLD -Fairing parts gen.4, all for: $100,- All parts are in the state as pictured, not used or tested by me. Thanks, Lucas

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