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  1. Outstanding. I will check it first! Thanks, Bill
  2. I just picked up a 1998 VFR800 two weeks ago and today the brakes virtually locked up on me as I was pulling into my drive after a long hot ride. I say virtually as I was able to use the motor to muscle the bike up the drive but the brakes were so tight I could not push the bike in any direction without engine power. (At this point I am realizing that I should have tried to get it on the center stand so I could tell if it was one wheel or both, duh!) As they cooled they gradually released a bit. I had noticed on earlier rides a little dragging after a ride but assumed that was normal as I have had the same feeling with other bikes, and today it was way worse. I have the mechanical sense of a 9 year old girl so any help or advice would be much appreciated!
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