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  1. Hi Mel, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Mel


    The sound must be amazing out of what looks like open pipes.
  3. I am selling my 86 VFR. I have had this bike since 1987 when I put it together from the factory crate. It had 0.5 miles on it. It now has about 19k miles. It is completely stock except for a K&N air filter and a jet kit. It all works. It has a bit of a flat spot in the middle of the range that can be traced to just not being ridden enough and the carbs gunk up. Otherwise everything works fine. Good tires, brakes...you get the idea. I put off selling my baby until I found this site. I figured someone here would take care of it and make it perfect again. I can't, just have too much else going on. I am restoring a 66 Jaguar XKE and it takes all my space, money and time. I want this bike to live forever and it won't if I don't ride it. There you have it. I will provide whatever additional information I can. Let me know if you are interested. You would have to arrange transportation. Thanks for the inquiries, I should add that I am asking $3000 but am willing to listen to reason, especially if you have an extenuating circumstance.
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