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  1. DennisA

    my yellow VFR

    Newbie, what brand of windscreen is that? Any issues with buffeting?
  2. DennisA

    Throttle bodies interchangeable?

    You were correct about the throttle bodies being different. I ended up purchasing on eBay throttle bodies for my 01 ($120) and then a set from a 98 ($100) model because it had the interchangeable fuel rails and injectors included. We cleaned the throttle bodies and serviced the best 4 injectors then re-installed only to discover there was no power to the fuel pump. Out it came again, repair and test the connection mentioned plus the 4 to the injectors then re-install. Pleased to say the bike is running much better, especially when cold. Thanks for the help, now on to a more compact muffler. My previous 5th gen had a Two Bros unit which growled like a small block V8 but they are pricey.
  3. DennisA

    Throttle bodies interchangeable?

    This is my 5th VFR (3rd 5th gen) and the throttle response is erratic. It bogs down at 4,000 rpm sometimes but the surging is the biggest problem. Previous bikes were linear in power with predictable boost around 7,500 rpm and fully powered up at 9,000. My new 2001 sat for a couple of years before I purchased it. I've changed plugs, gas, oil and air filters, switched to synthetic oil, flushed the cooling system with little improvement. About 8,000 miles, mostly highway with 4 tanks having Techron additive in the past month. Not sure if o2 sensor eliminator would help before I tackle the throttle bodies and injectors. I checked the stator at 12.75 on the bench then approx. 14.5 with the bike fast idling. Running out of summer...….
  4. My 2001 5th gen problems are being addressed by starting with throttle bodies complete with fuel rails and injectors. There are multiple units available from a 98 or 99. The part number is slightly different. Can anyone tell me if it will fit or what the difference is? Thanks, Dennis
  5. DennisA

    5th gen erratic throttle response

    Thanks guys for the assistance, I'll let you know how I make out. Fuel Injector cleaning to start.
  6. I'm on my 5th VFR, the 3rd 5th gen and never had a problem until now. I purchased a low mileage 2001 with 22,000 KM, that had been sitting for a couple of years. A new battery, gas filter, air filter, synthetic oil and filter, spark plugs and new tires. The city driving operation is ok but highway riding with varying rpm suffers from bogging down occasionally but constant surges. It feels similar to 6th gen VFR. The surges may occur at 5,000, 6,000 or 7,000 rpm. I've tried Seafoam and Lucas engine cleaners. We exchanged the throttle body sensor. Should we have exchanged the entire throttle body? No error codes, idles fine. Valves not done yet.. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks, Dennis

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