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  1. I installed regular H4 bulbs. The harness doesn't even get warm to the touch (on an 80 degree F day).
  2. I'm contemplating ordering the Knight Design lower pegs for my 1998 VFR800. For those that have tried the KD lowering pegs on their 1998 - 2001 VFR800, I have a question: What did you do about adjusting the brake pedal height? With the stock pegs, I have about 1/8" of threads left on the adjustment end of the brake pushrod. If I used all that adjustment, that would translate to roughly 3/8 " at the pedal which wouldn't be enough for me. How did you guys get past the issue of the limited range of adjustment in the brake rod? Thanks. - Walt
  3. I’m contemplating using H4 headlight bulbs in my 1998 VFR800. I see from reading the forums that some have fitted H4 bulbs by trimming the tabs of the standard H4 bulb to fit Honda’s oddball headlight bulb socket. My concern is for the wires, connectors, and switches in the headlight circuit. A standard H4 is rated at 60W/55W, while Honda’s VFR bulb is rated at 45W/45W. A standard H4 will pull 33% or 22% more current, depending on whether it’s in high beam or low beam. For those that fitted standard H4 bulbs, especially in hot climates, have you had any issue with melting harnesses? Thanks. - Walt
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