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  1. I've used Vesrah full gasket kits for other engines and the size and fitment was spot on. If it was me though I don't think I would open the engine up beyond the valve covers. There are so many parts that are unavailable to rebuild a vf500f that it's going to be pretty expensive if you can even get everything you need. I have an '86 and when that engine goes down I'm gonna start looking at doing an interesting engine swap.
  2. For anyone else who might be looking for this info in the future the dimensions are as follows ID 34MM OD 46MM Length 22MM.
  3. TLDR: Does anyone have a 1986 VF500F carb boot they can measure the ID, OD and length of? Hey guys I need some help. I'm working on a 1986 VF500F and I've got to rebuild the carbs. I need new carb boots to do the job properly, problem is the carb boots are NOLA from Honda and the one aftermarket supplier I can find wants $100 for a set of 4. I'm a cheapskate and won't shell out for that. I plan on using either "universal" carb boots or buy a length of high temp silicone or rubber and make some boots. The boots are on the bike so I can't get my calipers on them to measure and I don't w
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