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  1. OK Seb, thank you for that suggestion, I didn't want to step on your toes but if you have potential customers for your remaining sets then that makes great sense.. Skiddy
  2. Team, Alas, I have had to cancel my project and the VFR has now been sold. This has left me with a set of Seb's wonderful 5th gen rearset adapters brand new, still in the box. They cost me $167 which equates to £120. I live in Lincoln, UK and happy to pay P&P for shipment within the UK if there is any interest. (would be happy to discuss if shipment required overseas from the UK.) As an aside, I now have my donor bike for sale which is a lovely CBR 954 trackbike with new forks, mint swinger, wheels, calipers, shock and brand new rearsets. I wish to sell as a complete unit either as it stands now or, because it has a V5, my intention is to put a rear light, indicators, horn and brake switches to achieve a daytime MOT then move it on. Skiddy
  3. understood Seb, thanks for the advice. If you think he has lost interest I will take those off your hands if you have a price and throw them in with my adaptors! Skiddy
  4. Seb and my fellow rear set adaptor buyers, I am thinking of buying a 954 trackbike to act as donor for the bits I want to swop onto my 5th gen project. am I right in thinking that the complete front end and rear end will fit relatively easily? Will the swingarm and rear suspension mount/shock need spacers/adaptors in any way? I'm guessing the rear subframe will need a fair bit of work to adapt! just don't want to buy something that isn't really viable. Happy for any top tips and sorry if this is old ground for many. Cheers, Skiddy
  5. Hi Seb, I joined VFRD this morning and I am about to start a 5th gen project. Have you still got space on your list for another set to the UK? Thanks, Skiddy

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