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  1. Parkes

    V4 race bike

    Cool 😉 Regs for road racing are pretty tight though. It's clean water or dirty water. Different colours lands you in trouble.
  2. Parkes

    V4 race bike

    Top job The most I got from the larger bore engine was 163hp but I did have to trade some mid-range for that. Yes I did the double pass after trying them without to maintain pressure through the system; kept things stable for a bit longer. Long sustained high rpm was too much for it though.
  3. Hi all. Just wanted to share with you my race bike project. www.tparkes.co.uk. It started out with a 98 vfr800 engine which later evolved to a 938cc rc45 and now has currently taken a detour down to a 848cc vfr configuration whilst I design my own engine. Hope it gives you all some ideas for your projects.
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