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  1. hi Sam thanks for the question, yes indeed the two big ticket items Fran out at Raceglass http://www.raceglass.com.au makes some really nice replica fairings and really know her stuff, all up including screen and duz clips was around $1100 Ken out at Megacycle http://www.megacycle.com.au built the exhaust from scratch, killer job and he even raced the Isle of Man all up $1200 cheers Glenn
  2. Hello from Australia I've been working away on my rc30 replica for a little while now, and am now starting get to the technical end I'm look to swap the speedo and gauge set to give it the right look and was hoping to get some information form someone who has done the fire blade clock swap most of the questions are about marrying up the wiring and what is involved thanks in advance (and I've popped a few pics up this time)
  3. Hi Guys I'm a new member for Melbourne, Australia I've picked up a rough and ready 94 vfr that I'm going to rc30 up Already pick up a set of replica fairing, nc30 tank and an 8 spoke rear wheel So I have a few question for some of the people that have done it before First the nc30 tank, I can kind of get it to fit with out the airbox do you run them with another airbox or just socks over the trumpets Do most people modifiy the original steel seat sub frame to accepted the rc tail or is there a better option thanks in advance
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