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  1. I was away all weekend. Sounds good to me. I'm up for meeting some other vfr riders!
  2. Yea I guess It is decel pop and it isn't that bad. I only really notice it when I'm heavy on the throttle and then let off to idle. I read up on how it works and I'm not worried about it.
  3. Well I got my bike back. It definitely starts up easier with the carbs cleaned and synced. The only problem now is there is a bit of lean popping when letting off the throttle which I never noticed before. Does lean popping hurt anything?
  4. Ok so the Jets were stock. #40 pilot and #125 main. The mixtures screws were 2 turns out. I'm going to set the mixture screws at 1 3/4 as suggested by my mechanic. The carb is dirty so maybe a good cleaning will fix my cold start issue. Should I bump to #128?
  5. The carbs are being taken apart tomorrow and cleaned. If the jets have been changed I'll change them accordingly. Slow jet should be a #40 and if it has been changed I'll change it back to #40. Mains should be #125. If they are #130 or even if they are stock #125, should I throw in #128s? Everyone says they are lean from the factory, #130 seems a bit too high, #128 seems to be the best choice.
  6. Yea I've been waiting to get my bike from storage to my mechanic for some maintenance but on the days I'm available the weather is bad.
  7. Hmmm it's the 6x14 fairing studs that I need. So I put my bike back together tonight. Here's a funny question... How do those gas tank cushions go on? Couldn't find a clear picture anywhere and I didn't see them when I took the tank off until they fell off lol. They looked self explanatory but just in case.........
  8. Are the little lock screws for the fairings standard for all bikes? Need a couple
  9. I have the full service manual downloaded from here but it doesn't always help when you are not familiar at all with bike carbs. They don't have a section on what to look for if someone screwed with your carbs and changed things from stock ;) All I'm asking for is to share some knowledge! I'm not annoying others who replied and are trying to help. Hopefully my questions will help others in the future as I have used the search function (before it is suggested) and couldn't find answers to my questions.
  10. But if the VE has been reached wouldn't that mean at low-mid rpm it would be less efficient due to poorer fuel atomization and at WOT it would just mean slightly richer than the smaller carbed 94-97? Well doesn't really matter. Is there a way to know if the needles have been changed from stock? I have no idea how the adjustments of the needles work
  11. Thank you! What was the reason they made them #128 on the front? Maybe I was reading threads that were talking about the 90-93 VFR being jetted rich from the factory with #130 mains.
  12. So I'm curious about the jetting on a stock vfr. I was told that the 94-97 had #40 pilot jets and #125 mains. I recently read some info that the fronts are #125 and the rears are #128. Any truth to this? I find it odd they would be different being liquid cooled. I'm also curious also about jetting. Many people say they (94-97) are lean from the factory but others say it is rich. I have removed my snorkel, which doesn't do much, but my muffler is stock with baffles removed I believe as it is much louder than stock. I'm not sure if that qualifies for changing jets or not. But if it is lean from the factory wouldn't a small bump for WOT be ok? Like going with #128 main all around? I'm pulling my carbs soon and if I find #130s in there I'm going to change them as that is too rich for near stock. If the pilots were changed I will change them back to stock. As for needles. When people change jets do they change needle positions? I haven't found much about needles so I guess they leave them be?
  13. I sealed them up because they shouldn't be there. I removed the snorkel for sound. It's running rich as the original owner more than likely messed around with the pilot screw mixture and changed the jets. If they have been changed I will swap back to a #40 pilot which is stock and a #128 main which is just a tad richer than stock. 1 5/8 turns is the stock pilot screw setting, 2 1/2 turns like you said seems really rich no?
  14. I'll go back to my other thread. We can lock this one up as I got the answers I needed.

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