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  1. I'll have to try that for sure. Yes, I still have the stock one for comparison as well. Will post my findings in the next couple of days. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. I did get the G2 throttle tamer. The cable does have slack when I open it manually fully on the pulling (top) cable - the throttle itself does not move more when I open the throttle fully manually. I can open throttle to where it stops, and then still move it more manually, but the throttle tube does not move more. The cables themselves are not tight per-say when the throttle is closed either, but you can't remove them unless you pull the bracket off near the throttle body itself. These are the cables that I replaced the OE cables with:
  3. Howdy all - quick question for the community. So I installed the Hurricane bar conversion, and got the ST throttle cables for the install. I also decided, while I have it pulled apart, to put a throttle tamer on the bike as I'm going for a much more touring/sport rather than sport/touring on my last VFR. So after the install - I tested the new throttle tube, and it doesn't open the valves fully. Just wanted to check if 1) is this normal (even with the OE tube?); 2) if it's not, is this a known issue with a throttle tamer? 3) if this is normal from a throttle tamer - has anyone found it to be l
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