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  1. Not sure what you mean by "match." 
    I can tell you that I noted a very slight difference in the diameter of the New Header mid-pipe exit.  The New Header exit is just a tiny bit larger than the original 5th Gen exit.
    When I had my Vance&HinesS4 mounted on the original 5th Gen exhaust I was able to slip it onto the exit using the standard Honda OEM carbon+mesh gasket.  When I installed the new header I discovered that due to the New Exhaust's ever-so-slightly-larger exit there was no way to use the Honda OEM carbon+mesh gasket, there just wasn't enough room (the carbon+mesh gasket is pretty delicate so you can't force it into a space that's too small without destroying it).
    So I ended up using a do-it-yourself custom sized wrap of high-temp aluminum tape (stuff that's good to about 700 degrees F).  I don't know if I'll stick with this solution, I had the aluminum tape available at the moment and I wanted to take the bike out on a ride to hear what the New Exhaust + Vance&HinesS4 combo sounded like.
    Let me know how your install goes, and if you can think up something that's a better substitute for the Honda OEM carbon+mesh gasket.  
    Thanks Greg.

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  2. I have a PC 3. Got the map from a fellow on this site. If you search there are guys who have uploaded maps for the PC's either here or on the other VFR blog. I just tried the one that closely matched the mods I had on the bike.

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  3. I have a '98 as well- bought new. I have never gotten good has mileage but don't really care. It's a motorcycle and I ride it fast. I also weigh around 230 lbs. Last summer I did a mileage comparison between using the Power Commander and without (running non-ethanol 92 octane gas). The difference was small. The PC gave me a bit better gas mileage and certainly better fueling. The actual numbers are posted on this site. My only mods are the PC, K&N air filter, and a Vance & Hines titanium pipe. Ride and enjoy!

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