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  1. It would be really cool if we can get WiLD or VFRD stamped into the headers from you guys.
    Gotta represent the forum squad that made this all possible!
    (yes I'd pay a few bucks to make it happen)

    Any thoughts? Is it feasible?
    No, actually I have the skill level to do that. I thought perhaps someone might remember where in this voluminous thread it was located or had that page bookmarked.

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  2. I'm fairly certain the new header outlet diameter is larger but the Vance & Hines pipe fit well, even with the remains of the old, original gasket wrapped around the outlet. My only concern is if the new header outlet is significantly larger the original Honda gasket will not fit. Weren't these headers based on the Two Brothers headers? If so are there gaskets still available from them?

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  3. I got my bike back yesterday.  Hoping to take it out tomorrow or Friday.  Just wanted to say MUCHAS GRACIAS!! to SFDownhill and also to Duc2V4 for all their hard work, dedication, patience, and attention to detail.  It was a pleasure meeting and working through the process with SF and I'm looking forward to meeting up with him and Duc for a ride someday!  Crappy cell phone pic below, better pictures to follow...
    Those headers look great on your white VFR. Sure wish I had some of those cool wheels on my '98.

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  4. I installed the new headers and I just want to thank the two fine gentlemen who generously donated their valuable time and not insignificant effort to get these headers fabricated, built and shipped. I cannot stress how much better the bike pulls now, especially after around 5k rpm. I hope everyone who ordered the 1st batch of 5G headers chips in to not only help defray the extra costs not anticipated but to reward these 2 guys who did all the hard work. And man these new headers look great!

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