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  1. 5 hours ago, Presson said:

    Here you go. This is the 8th Gen F-H model: it's a standard 12v socket. Actually not great for wet weather unless you can find some way to weatherproof the adaptor






    I mean, who doesn't need to light their ciggies while riding down the road?

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  2. Wow-that is a great write-up.  Thanks for that.  A buddy of ours bought bike when I bought my '98 new and loved it but sold it soon thereafter because he was scared he was going to get hurt or killed.  He wasn't accustomed to fast bikes so it was sad for him to sell it.  I wish I had to skills to do what you did to yours.  Maybe when I retire I can delve into the specifics of some of those tasks you completed.

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  3. I replaced the front wheel bearings after having my wheels powder coated-they unfortunately powder coated the entire wheel, including where the wheel bearing sits so had to dremel that out which was tedious as hell.  I had the opposite problem-one of the bearings went in normally but the other one had to be pounded in and I was worried there was still residual power coating inside but once mounted they work fine.  I wonder-would it matter if the wheel bearing wasn't snug inside the rim?  The spacers will hold everything in place, right? 

  4. 13 minutes ago, Bren said:

    Does sound like one of the tracks on the back of the display has an intermittent fault, it is  a fairly common issue on these bikes. Question, do you have the small cover plate under the front nose fairing? Many have been lost over time and never replaced. It's right over the front mudguard and water, moisture etc can get flung up there while driving. 

    Sorry, but if i were you I'd be taking the front fairing off again and checking the tracks on the pcb for breaks, they can be bridged to fix them.

    Good luck.

    Thanks-yes I still have the cover.  The only reason I like the display is knowing how much fuel I have and on hot days, the coolant temp.  Is there any known fix for this fault?

  5. After removing the front fairing, spraying all the plugs/sockets I could reach with contact cleaner I put it all back together and still the display wasn't working.  I parked it overnight and noticed the next morning the display was working again.  It worked for several weeks then stopped after hitting a pothole at high speed.  I parked it, hooked it to the battery charger and the next weekend when I uncovered it the display was working again.  I'm not sure what to think.  It worked from then on (appx 1 month) until yesterday during a 100+ mile ride I noticed on the way home the display was dark again.  I plugged the charger up and this AM nothing... Is it possible there is a grounding issue?  I checked all the fuses and sprayed contact cleaner into the sockets and onto the prongs so I don't believe it's a fuse.  Any suggestions?

  6. Had an inopportune flat on the rear Saturday near Liepers Fork-not my idea of a fun Saturday but it did force me to mount my newly powdercoated OG wheels.  Got them in a hammered black.  Like the look but not sure how they'll look after several sets of tires are removed/mounted.  Worried the finish won't be as dura20230614_115347.thumb.jpg.babc3b8dbe95cb811f534a65fe75c1f9.jpg20230614_115420.thumb.jpg.d9c74298800d852b2b264b1ea0a64e30.jpg20230614_115432.thumb.jpg.89a4e72950023610e889e416f3df7780.jpg20230614_115408.thumb.jpg.b7b9a1533f20c8934c5edc8fd94552d1.jpgble as regular paint.

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  7. I had an unfortunate tip over while parked on a slope several months ago and had to order a right OEM front turn signal.  Unfortunately when I checked that site they had no R front turn signal covers.  This international site, however did.




    If you can't find one I have a slightly scratched one that is in pretty good shape.  It could be buffed out and no one would know it had been scratched.

  8. Thank you for the many years you kept this valuable site active and engaging.  I will miss it tremendously, as I rely on the vast knowledge and experience found here to keep my '98 running and looking good.  I want to thank every member here who has given me advice and shared their knowledge.  I guess we could all migrate over to the "other VFR site".  I'm a member there but never visit anymore......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................20200905_112413.thumb.jpg.92629c55fdf222e9c9a1b184f1cbad5b.jpg

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  9. The biggest Honda dealership here in Nashville informed me they could no longer remove or mount my wheels due to the bike's age ('98).  So I bought Pitbull stands and do it myself.  They will mount the tires and balance them but that's it.  They do work on my '98 though.  I've had them do maintenance on it in the past 2-3 years but not sure if there are certain maintenance issues they won't tackle.

  10. I have a '98 and before I changed to an aftermarket pipe the strong unburned gas smell was minimal but there-but once I installed the new headers it became even stronger.  Like you I really notice it at a stoplight.  I know those behind me wish I had a catalytic converter on it!  The strong odor was there no matter if I was using a PC II or PCIII USB, no matter the map I tried.  I don't get particularly good gas mileage but don't ride in such a way that I expect that so I just accept that it's a gas hog and go about my business.


    I hope you get yours sorted out-it is a beauty, as are all red ones!😉

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