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  1. CandyRedRC46 do I understand good, I can throw away stock o2 narrow band and on it place I can install Bosh wide band with “my tune bike” . Do I have do something more in bike’s electrical wiring? Could you tell something more about engine brake, what are good values/settings? Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  2. So what can I say. I made some changes In my bike before I have installed RB. First I changed slipon to SCProject and air filter to Pipercross. After that modifications I felt in some middle range power drop. To some range bike in full throttle behave normal, than drop power and after getting some rpm again get normal power. After installing RB module with o2 narrow sensor, auto adaptive function create own map and now my bike behave in full rpm range normal. My positive felling is that bike get more power in down and mid rpm range. Of course fuel consumption increased about 1-1,5l per 100km more. To get right information from narrow band I made pair mode
  3. What is the cost of the harness only? Program unit You can do by your own. To do that You have to use Rapid master from dimsport web registred account. This software which has stock maps.
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