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  1. I imagine that it would cost quite a bit to ship a gas tank to Canada. Thanks for offering to help though. I dont think the picture conveys the concaveness of the tank very well. There is at least a couple liters less fuel space available, but if you guys think it would give it a "unique" battle-scared look I might just smooth it out and respray the whole bike. Can anyone confirm or deny whether the 750 tank will fit? Ive got my eyes on a parts bike for cheap @Dutchy @Zeta
  2. I am in need of a new gas tank. I was wondering if the same year 750s have compatible gastanks/body panels? There are no VF500s in any salvage yards near where I live. I thought about getting the tank repaired, but wouldnt that compromise the metal?
  3. Tyy


    17' wheel swap?
  4. Tyy


    Now what the heck is that doing there?
  5. Tyy


    Those valve covers look spotless, so clean under the hood of this bike
  6. @TheDutchy What model YSS did you go for? I scrapped my header on the floor today, so Im about ready to order a shock before I do any irreparable damage. Any insight on whats the best bang for my buck is much appreciated
  7. Tyy

    Mini-ceptor 2018

    This is my 1984 VF500F that I've been working on for the last year and a half. Could not have got it running without this forum.
  8. What sort of treatment do you guys give your gas tanks? I ought to clean out the inside of mine and recoat it, if there is such a thing?
  9. Hello my forum family! I have neglected my thread, but I have good news... ok maybe not all good, but news non the less. Its getting warmer in Canada, so I was able to finish rejetting the carbs. I went for 107.5 all around on the main jet. Still running 42s on the slow jets. Apart: And back together: The new jets did the trick. The new jets did THE trick I should say. The bike is revving up to a realm I never knew was possible. I have found soo much power up there too. It pulls me forward like never before. You can scratch out that top speed of 120kph because its not holding back at all anymore. I dont really know how far it will go yet, and I'm not sure I want to find out on the street. Unfortunately the vacuum hose fitting that attaches the petcock line broke again. I have ordered a new one. I am hoping it doesnt matter which cylinder I put it on because I dont know how the get the other one out of its threads... without also removing the threads. I still have a few other things on the to-do/wish list. I want to redo the clutch, rewire the tach, send the rear shock off for a rebuild, paint/power coat some things, and perhaps do the CBR600F2 wheel swap if I can save up for it. Anyone who is familiar with the wheel swap, please tell me your opinions on it.
  10. Shhh... they are hibernating
  11. Gosh I forgot we had that table. Thanks and I'll try not to ask any more dumb questions
  12. I am in-fact reading from the right location then, but I still have no idea what carbs I have. Should not matter since I am going off of the previous setup as a baseline rather than stock, but it would be sweet if I had some later model carbs.
  13. What have you got that seat covered in? I am also curious what your wheel setup is in this picture because those look like radial tires! I just found something weird out. The jets I took out of my carbs were sizes 102 and 105. The frame is a 1984 bike, so I would have thought they were the same size and larger given it was jetted for a custom exhaust. The only markings I can find are VD on the side and a code that reads: 5 6 B (triangle) W D (and a Japanese letter). The slow jets I took out were 38s, so I definitely have 40s installed. I am going to go with 108s for the main jets. I'm assuming someone more qualified than me set up the carbs and Henkel pipe at the same time, so 3 sizes bigger should account for uncorking the supertrapp and a K&N right?
  14. I am curious whether you run offset front and rear cylinder jet sizes? Would this difference be due to unequal length headers? The pipe I have on now has a lot of unnecessary bends that make me think it is an equal length setup. Also I wanted to mention that I have upped the slow jet by 2 sizes, I want to say its a 48 now. This fuel ratio issue totally describes the trouble I have been having once I get into 6krpms and up. Also that is a sweet video
  15. I can tell there is a lot more to stretch out, but I definitely have thoughts of high rpm valve carnage in the back of my head. What setup were you running with 112's exactly? I honestly dont know how many sizes down I should go because without the filter on, this thing seems to be in its sweet spot now

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