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  1. Tyy


    17' wheel swap?
  2. Tyy


    Now what the heck is that doing there?
  3. Tyy


    Those valve covers look spotless, so clean under the hood of this bike
  4. Tyy

    Mini-ceptor 2018

    This is my 1984 VF500F that I've been working on for the last year and a half. Could not have got it running without this forum.
  5. What sort of treatment do you guys give your gas tanks? I ought to clean out the inside of mine and recoat it, if there is such a thing?
  6. Hey guys, Seeing you talk about helmets I thought I would ask your opinion on modular helmets? I have two helmets: An old CL-MAX I got hand-me-down from my aunt and I've got a CL-17 full face (new). The CL-MAX fits perfectly and has a new tinted visor for the sun. The CL-17 does not fit with the foam inserts, so it bumps around a little on the hard foam. It has a clear visor, so I usually wear it after dark. CL-17 is Snell and DOT, but the CL-MAX was made before Snell testing was popular I think.
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