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  1. Hi, I have a 2010 vfr1200f, my original seat is co uncomfortable that my butt got numb after an hour or two on the saddle. I would like to purchase a replacement seat but dont know which is best for my size. I am 5'7 at 145 lbs, my inseam is about 29 inches. any recommendation is appreciated. If any of our fine member have one for sale, please send me a text at 408-219-8105. I am happen to be in the San Jose, Ca Bay area. kindest regards, John
  2. Hi, 


    I just picked up a used 2010 Honda vfr1200f. if you have time, stop by my shop, we can chat. I like to have a few summer rides afterwork with friends if you are up to it.


    you ca always call me at 408-626-7078


    John at Honda acura of Campbell.

  3. Hi Golonath,

    My name is JOhn, I am a new member on the VFR Discussion group. I really liked how you had your seat on the VFR1200 modified. How did you have the seat carved to have it lowered like that? It looked like there isnt much material to shave off. PLease advised, any help is appreciated because I am 5'7 with inseam of 30" and still tipppy toeing. I love dto be flat tooted and have more confident at stops.


    Kindest regards, 



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