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  1. I finally foud my problem for what the clock was resetting alone. I got the melting problem of the starter relay !!! the starter relay was melted arond the fuse 30amp where the green plastic is , the red connector around the 4 terminals too. now I have to change the wire with the white plastic connector.( change color) One of my colleague at work went to his harness recall and they changed the small harness for the battery and starter relay for free. guess who`s gonna show at honda next week?
  2. i just think something, could it be my switch stand (failed) :smile2: !!!!????????
  3. The battery is new and fully charge .all the connections has been tighten
  4. I have a new problem now , I have done the vfrness mod , everythings seems to be good . I took my bike to go to work in a hot hot day!!! 38 degre C while a was riding my clock reset to 1:00am all by itself. then after a few kilometers the motor stops ,so I pull the clutch and release it to start the bike . i did it 3 times before it starts ( was riding around 90 km/h). another thing!!! my fuel tank has a fuel level problem it says its always empty or almost empty even after a refill. do you think that this problem can cause my motor to stop ( computer wise )
  5. thank you , now I can ffinish my installation. one more thing.... in the instruction , in testing section , line 5. " retest the voltage at the accessory wire....." is this line is only for people who took the option with the vfrness.? at idle i should have 13.5 to 14.5 i have 14.2 thats good. but when I rev the bike at 5k. I still have 14.2 , the instruction says 14.3 to 14.7volts do you think my bike is ok now?
  6. finally I have installed my harness BUT I don't know which connectors to use. could someone can help me with that? see my pic. which one goes with the "A" ? which one goes with the "B" ? Is it possible that I have 2 extra connectors left ?
  7. I checked on my vin plate, theres nothing punched thanks for the help guys.
  8. I have tested my system this morning, I have checked : reg/rec---ok stator continuity---ok stator voltage at idle----ok (almost all the same) charging circuit--- connecting the black lead from multimeter to positive battery and red lead from multimeter to red wire coming out from reg/rec this should give 0.2 volt from the fault finding chart of electrosport. and i got 0.8 volt. the chart said more than 0.2 is : "Bad connection in the positive lead from RR to battery(+) then I touch the 30 amp holder (who is the positive wire), ouch omg that was hot so I ordered a vfrness from wiremybike. 2 to 5 days to canada. give you some news when its done
  9. i didn't saw the answer last ,,,,, too tired,,,
  10. sorry switchblade , It was too late last night when i took my messages. i was reading your answer without realizing that was the answer
  11. do you talk about the sticker on the left side of the frame . what should I look for?
  12. yes ,I just call honda this morning, they said they can't see my vin number , so they think its done
  13. I have to do for sure the 30 amp mods , i would like to do the blue harness connector mod too , but my harness is different from yours. (see the pics) !! no ground on the fwd side of the blue connector !! problems encounted : engine die while running the highway, my dashboard was like a christmas tree, i don't know for the headlight lamp it happens during the day. What solution or mods should I do? thank you in advance guys
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