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  1. :blink: Wow! I don't even know what to say about these pics other than you've got a whole other level of dedication to the cause than I do! I live in So. California and whine when the temperature dips below 50 degrees! You sir are well on your way to being the most interesting man on a VFR! :blink:

    So, Dude! Where is the BURNOUT?? :fing02:

  2. So if memory serves, weren't you the author of the bike falling over in the shed story where you termed yourself "the human frame slider"? Where is your sense of self sacrifice now? How could you have let this happen without throwing yourself under the bike?



    Thanks HS! Glad to have Louise seen. She is named for the women who tolerate my moto escapades, my wife and daughter. Louise was badly broken and all her plastics needed de-rashing and repair, so I conjured up the paint scheme after a lot of sketching and coloring. The paint work is all Harbor Freight HVLP guns, done in a spare room in my shop that I could hang parts in. I found decals at Extreem Decals and the stripes are auto pinstripe tapes. All was done with a PPG formula for R158P Honda paint. Clear coated everything to be weather and gas proof. My message is that almost any broken plastics can be pieced back together or spliced with other donor parts to come up with good repairs at low cost. It justs takes some patience. Let's save our Fourth Gen bikes!!

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