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  1. I got a new Quadlock mount for the phone, and a RAM mount for the top triple stem hole. That pairs up with the Sena SMH10-10 that I just got for the helmet, along with the special baseplate that will allow me to use my custom molded in-ear Westone-2's with the Sena. :) Looking forward to my October trip to the NC / VA / WV mountains when I can listen to music and take calls while on the bike, free of wires!!
  2. BINGO -- that's the spot. It's actually more under the side panel, as you can see from the image, but obviously you have to remove the seat to get to it. Not sure if yours will be there or not, but that's where it belongs!! :)
  3. No, Variable. I understood your question, and was trying to tell you the specific location where the spanner handle is stored. I’ll have to take a pic of my 6th gen tomorrow and post it. There IS a specific location where the handle is stored, and it’s not in or with the rest of the tool kit.....
  4. There's a dedicated little spot that it goes in under the seat, I believe on the left side. Held in by something akin to very large o-ring rubber band typ thing. Check your bike. . . .might still be there!!
  5. N8sVFR

    Fuel Injectors

  6. That's the ticket right there, Greg. Those will be sweet, and I may even be interested in upgrading my originals to this version. Looking forward to seeing the updates in the near future and the photos of the mock-ups. -Nate
  7. Like Marooncobra said above. The belleville washers are on the underside of the OEM GSXR mount. The stacking order from top to bottom is: top of riveted 'bolt' (machined end) mirror stalk mount 4 belleville washers 1 flat washer bottom of riveted 'bolt' (this is the actual riveted end) Photos of dis-assembly below.
  8. N8sVFR

    GSXR MIrror Adapters

    GSXR mirror adapters, and lobstender mirror mount extenders
  9. Bingo -- those are the washers. And yes, there are four of them in the GSXR OEM mount. I took some apart last night and will post some photos later.
  10. Nope. . . NOT lock washers. I'm pretty familiar with my hardware terminology. :) These 'spring washers' are things that I have never seen before. . . still trying to locate my 'new' (not dis-assembled) GSXR mirrors. Then I can tell you precisely where they were located in the assembly.
  11. Believe it or not, sadly, I DO have the original parts from the first set of GSXR mirrors I pulled apart!! I looked at them this morning. The spring washers are black; they look like a regular flat washer at first, but if you look closely, they are actually slightly conical -- if you set them on a flat surface, the center of the washer is about 1/64" higher than the edge. I believe that there were 4 in the OEM assembly, but I'm not sure where they were located relative to the OEM 'rivit' that attached the stalk to the base. When my left mirror broke, I managed to find another set or GSXR OEM mirrors on EBay that I have laying around somewhere. I'll try to find them, drill them apart, and take photos, or let you know where the spring washers were originally. Then you can do as you wish with the new batch of adapter mounts. . . .who knows. It might not even be feasible to incorporate them. But I think it would be great if you could.
  12. Take apart the OEM GSXR mirrors. You will find the spring washers that I am talking about. The detents aren't the spring washers. They just provide the engagement for the mount and the arm (obviously). I must not be explaining the assembly of the OEM mirrors very well. . . . Anyway, just my suggestions for some potential improvements . . .if no one else is having any problems with the adapters, then maybe it was just my issue.
  13. Ok guys. . . here are the photos that should help. First image: snapped off stock GSXR mirror stalk at the base. . . .note the flat head Phillips bolt. If you google 'flat head phillips' you will see that this type of bolt or screw actually has a flared bottom. It's not flat on the bottom. . . .it's flat on the top!!!! You have to know your bolts. . . .you should be able to see how tightening the bolt further, essentially results in you forcing a funnel shape into a cylindrical hole. . . .the tighter you make it, the more outward pressure on the cast metal until. . . .SNAP. And then you are left with this: Next image: bolt unscrewed so that you can see the flare on the bottom of the bolt, and the detents on the bottom of the GSXR mirror stalk. . . more on that in a minute. Last image: a clearer shot of the detents. Yes, they are rather small. But, when you take apart the stock GSXR mirror base you will see how these are intended to work. There are actually spring washers in the factory assembly which apply pressure into the joint. The detents mate up, and keep the mirror stalk from spinning, falling either forward or backward. The true beauty of this is that you CAN intentionally fold the mirrors back without fear of either over-tightening or loosening the bolt in the process. If I were recreating these mounts, I'd find a way to incorporate the detents in the newly machined base, and find a more suitable bolt which would not create outward pressure and would allow for the incorporation of the spring washers. . . . One more thing. . . .don't be thrown off by the fact that I have the Lobstender mirror extenders too. I wanted to get the mirrors farther out since I installed the top-mount luggage as well. Those have held up well over the years. . . .
  14. I'll have to be more specific. . . .I'll try to get some photos tonight. Yes, mine were just like that, and yes, mine had the phillips countersunk screw / bolt. That was the problem. Pictures will speak 1,000 words. . . . The detents I'm recommending would be at third points in the bottom of the circular recess already milled into the mount. The stock GSXR mirror stalks have protrusions that keep them in a relative position. . . .like I said, more when I have some pictures. -Nate
  15. Seb - simply beautiful. Marvelous machine work, glass and carbon fiber work. You've managed to merge all of the stock bits along with your custom fabricated parts into a GORGEOUS machine. I tip my hat to you, Sir. :)
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