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  1. I did some research in other threads. You are considering maintenance with Jamie Daugherty this winter? He will add a shock spring of his recommended ideal/maximum height. That is the best configuration. Exceeding said geometry will begin to diminish neutral handling and generate trade-offs in stability.

  2. My 99 had this problem. Below around say 75°F, it would pant and die on the first attempt and start on the second attempt. This was after a valve check, replacement of all intake rubber, vacuum synch, and fuel injector maintenance. I used Sea Foam at the rate it prescribes for "cleaning." That helped the engine start and shoot up instantaneously, like a dart, to a high idle of 3200+. I cannot help but wonder where the problem was. Gunk built up in the fuel rail?

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  3. The noise at idle: Search this site and youtube for audio of a bad vfr800 cam chain tensioner. Does the sound match what you are hearing? Or record your bike and post a Youtube video here for others to examine.


    A 2002 needs cam chain tensioners periodically, right around your mileage of 28,000 miles. If that is the problem, it is standard maintenance and it is not the end of the world. 

  4. 2 hours ago, CandyRedRC46 said:



    Do I have a browser problem or are there are lot of posts that were there all of a sudden missing? Is this site going to crash again? Man I hope not!

    I went back to analyze the criticism (directed at me?) of beating a dead horse. The entire context of the conversation seems to be wiped out.  So if someone did resolve this and I missed it, I apologize profusely. I do not want to be a "bad participant."

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  5. 23 hours ago, CandyRedRC46 said:

    For a while it sounded as though you were trying to say that the VFR1200 had an automotive style alternator where all the components are housed all in one single unit.


    This wording really makes no sense and would otherwise introduce major confusion to someone seeing this for the first time and attempting to understand the theory of these systems.


    For unresolved definitions we must submit to an authority.  


    Merriam Webster's:


        alternator: a device that produces electricity (as in the engine of a vehicle) : a generator that produces    

         alternating current

         generator: something that produces something; especially : a machine that produces electricity

         stator:  a stationary part in a machine in or about which a rotor revolves

    Reference.com: A motorcycle stator is the stationary part of the alternator. 


    All indications from any authority or technical article that I am able to find, such as:


    indicate that the system in the motorcycle that produces the electricity, is in fact an alternator.

    Pretty cut and dry. Just a google away...?

  6. 5th Gen PCII & PCIII maps

    Some of these I pulled from the Power Commander site. For the files that are corrupt on that site I searched the net and found the missing files on some old plain .html personal blogs such as:


    Note that some of the PCII files have modified ignition. 

    Make sure and critically analyze any map before implementing it! I have nothing to do with these maps except that I searched for them and posted them here.

    - Knight



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  7. Also, set idle when warm at 1400-1500. (post 95)

    Great post! It is cool to hear that you enjoyed the VFR so much more than the BMW.

    I found post #95 regarding idle, and I found some info that the bike tachometer might read too low. If you can borrow a tachometer or a Power Commander you can check the bike tachometer's accuracy.

    You will want to tune the starter valves which involves setting the idle. This procedure sets the idle vacuum for 3 of the 4 cylinders. It requires a 4-column manometer or 4 separate gauges. This procedure assures the smoothest idle and throttle response.

    Also, check the cold idle RPM and temperature against the manual to make sure the wax idle unit is warming the bike up properly.

    Great news on finding a VFR friend. I don't know, I had a strong feeling there was someone right around you. Weird huh? :cool: I wonder if your new friend is on this forum? If not maybe he'll join!

    I love paper manuals myself, so I picked up a used factory service manual on ebay and a Honda Common Service manual at HelmInc. The Common Service manual is general talk about Honda systems. I think it is very cool, but it is not bike specific.

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  8. Many thanks for this Knight, not many bike mechanics are based in Reunion island, and mine was recommended by a friend who has the red VFR (see my profile picture). He leads a team of mechanics from a Kawasaki, Yamaha dealership. The Honda dealer here has a (very) bad reputation... You are certainly right, he most probably does not have a short detector. I will check with him though. However, looking at this video on youtube (car wiring harness), it looks like you have to take out the wiring harness to find where the problem is with such tool, which is exactly what he told me. Is that right ? I'm an OK rider but a very very bad mechanic, my skills are very poor. What he told me was he did inspect the wires he could see, especially the fan ones... And did not see anything wrong... From what I understood, the connector was not melted, it's just the fuse that "went off". I will clarify the information I got from him and will give him your advice / ideas to and will feedback the forum

    French 6th Gens VFRs did not get the recall. Is that because there is no such thing as class actions as you have in the US ? R/R problems are known by french 6th Gen VFR riders... Are the models "different" ? Who the fu.. knows. KanadianKen fix will be tried in 2 days... Will let you know.

    I love my VFR, it's just an unreal bike. But next time she breaks down, I'm gone. I Had a 2002 CBR 600F before, only issue was a dead speedometer, that was it. It had more kms thought (50 000 kms) and had been really well maintained but the 2 previous owners.

    Others have to chime in with specific help. Do you have the factory service manual? It is available in the download section. Any members here near you?

    Note that a fuse blowing always means a massive current flowed through the circuit. They never pop randomly but there is always a reason.

    You have hit on something key and I think this is why used VFRs are reasonably priced despite being a superstars: It is an extraordinarily labor intensive bike. A lot of these VFR owners work on their own bikes. I rely on mechanics. I fix computer systems all day long, so working on my bike would probably kill me.

    Do not put yourself down. You don't have to be a mechanic. The motorcycle fills different roles for different people. Some love tinkering but some, like me just want to turn the key and ride. I enjoy reading the Keith Code books, magazines, studying riding, then applying the lessons on the street. Someone else can fix it.

    You should understand that given your bike's age, several electrical components will need attention. Someone Honda certified or who knows VFRs should proactively clean and inspect all of the switches, wiring, and connections. When the electrical is maintained, the bike will go many miles. As you can see from your CBR, good maintenance is extremely valuable. It is just that 7-10 years of age have corroded a lot of the switches and connectors, so they run hotter, and will cause problems if not inspected, and cleaned or repaired. While Honda takes a lot of criticism, I think problems are pretty universal and due to poor maintenance.

    The other option is trading up to a newer bike. Also, inline 4's, and certain naked models can be much easier to maintain. But nothing truly compares to the VFR for overall fun, comfort, and performance. I am rooting for you to find a solution.

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  9. That he looked but did not find anything.

    Yes, because he does not own nor know how to use a SHORT DETECTOR which would tell HIM where the problem lies. This guy will never find anything. The old "wholesale swap" is used by such people.

    The good news is you seem to have a link of the fan fuse and the fan. That's the same circuit. It is not like he has to check the entire bike yet. If you can inspect the fan wiring, perhaps you may find a damaged section, obvious bare wire or burnt area? An area near a previous repair which may have gotten nicked in the process? Hopefully he didn't just reconnect a melted connector to the fan, did he?

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