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  1. Just replaced mine. It was easy as you said it was. Thanks!
  2. PC1

    Side of the road

    Thanks for the comments. Took this pic as it began to rain as I came over the hill into Pleaston, Ca. Had to put on the rain gear.
  3. PC1

    Hard Bags

    Enjoying new additions to the bike: wingrack, top case and hard side luggage.
  4. PC1

    Trip to the mall

    From the album: Hard Bags

  5. PC1

    IMG 7477

    From the album: Random Pictures

  6. PC1

    Quick pic

    From the album: Random Pictures

    Took a pic before heading home.
  7. PC1

    Riding Down H1

    From the album: Random Pictures

    Stopped at the lighthouse for a stretch
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