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  1. Strip off the soaked clothes, sit next to a fire, drink an adult beverage and feel superior to all those fair weather birds who melt in the rain?
  2. baraka


    Love those wheels!
  3. baraka

    photo (6)

    From the album: Mechanic Time

    Bubba rigging on top of bubba rigging. I tied the power feed to the high beams into the the wiring harness side of the red/white power line tied into the regulator/rectifier. I hope this is not a bad idea...
  4. baraka

    photo (2)

    From the album: Mechanic Time

    Ugly plug.
  5. baraka

    Cherohala Skyway

    ...and apparently beautiful sunsets wash out the scratches on the left fairing from earning my leader jersey at TMAC 2013 :) #winning
  6. baraka

    The Big Loop

    GA -> NC -> KY -> OH -> MI -> NY -> PA -> VA -> NC -> SC -> GA
  7. baraka

    Cherohala Skyway

    From the album: The Big Loop

    My first run of the Cherohala Skyway. I slid through right between massive squalls. The approach from 129 was wet, but after that, everything was dry, I had the whole Skyway for myself, and I rolled up to this overlook just in time for one of the most glorious sunsets I'd ever seen. In ten minutes it was gone, as the sun went away, and fog swept in through the valley, and I had it all to myself. That's some baraka right there.
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