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  1. All fixed! I had to press the slave cylinder piston in and that fixed it. I got the cover on and then put the slave cylinder back on. I used a C-clamp to push the piston back. Then I put cover on, cylinder, and then speed thing. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Also is all the way back flush with the slave cylinder case? Or farther?
  3. Sorry, newbie here. I’m pushing back the entire ring inside the slave cylinder, not just the thing inside the slot where the rod goes?
  4. I have the slave cylinder off. I am trying to get it back on with the rod, but I am still coming up just short. so how do I press the piston in farther to create more room? I’m thinking like a brake caliper and c-clamp?
  5. Vfr78, would you say best bet is for me to take the slave cylinder off of the cover now?
  6. No brake fluid was added but while I had it apart I did gage the clutch at one point a d switch gears. I have made sure the rod is all the way in the cover slot. I am not sure what the slave cylinder piston is and how to make sure it is all the way pushed in. is it normal that at this point I can’t pull me clutch in, it’s tight. Is that because the slave cylinder isn’t currently connected to the lever?
  7. Hard part is I can’t get it close enough for all of the screws to reach. It’s a solid 1/2” away from being flush, that can’t be right. Is there any chance something slipped out of position on far side within the clutch?
  8. So I changed sprockets and chain and now I am trying to put the front sprocket cover on, that has the slave cylinder attached to it. I am having an issue getting the clutch rod all the way in. It goes in but comes about 1/4-1/2” short of going the whole way and therefore can’t get the cover flush. It feels like it is hitting a wall on the other side. Any ideas? Thanks!
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