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  1. I have the early model, says the tank can take 18.5 litres. I can get close to that without having run dry, 17.9 the most I put in once. Touring, solo, full panniers and top box. Gets 280-290 km if I leave it that long.

    I normally fill up around 250-270. Just seems to be when everyone else is stopping or where a logical gas station is. Rare in NZ to have a stretch longer than that without a fuel station on the route.post-23773-0-10162200-1432416244.jpg

  2. Thanks! Here in South Africa a bigger tank is not really necessary as all our fuel garages are within 200 km of each other. Just annoying to stop so often.

    In NZ it is rare to have go even that far between fuel stops, but I am with you, who wants all their stops to be at fuel stations and not other places.

    Here is my approach, get a small, light plastic siphon and travel with guys with the bikes that have uber large tanks ... Then you can easily risk doing 290 kms and laugh at the servo that you were nearly out of gas ... BMW adventure bikes with the big 33 litre tanks are best ... Buy them one free tank load at the start of the trip and they might stay with you for 4000 kms .... Awesome insurance ...



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