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  1. Hi Jim, long time no see. Not since that endurance race at Snetterton all those years ago. On a GSXR I seem to recall.


    Did the Enigma project get anywhere? Since I’ve heard nothing about it for some time, I suspect not. Oh well. Nothing ventured...


    Glad to see you’ve got the VFR bug. I’ve just come back from a brief trip on my eVo4 (1200 special) with 3 VFR800s, all also ridden by ex Honda staffers. Plus there’ll be another VFR800 joining. It’s still a great bike, even if the current press are bored by its lack of fancy whizz bang (and essentially unnecessary) features. I always liked that F model. It was a shame they had those cam problems. In fact it was the fairing from that 750F that I used on my CBX that MotorCycle Mechanics featured on their front cover March ‘85. Warranty return if I remember correctly. Just needed painting. Just the job.  😀


    Hope to see you around here more. Look forward to seeing how your bikes progress.

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