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  1. Can any one confirm if the 90-93 swingarm is the same as the 94-97? It looks like it is based on the OEM parts diagrams I found on line, but I'd like to confirm with you guys. Thank you!
  2. Ok thank you! I’ll try the screw drivers and the vice grips idea. The guy a bought the bike from years ago lived literally neaxt to the beach, so I suspect the whole darn thing is full of rust. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. Thank you! Yes I tried with a 5 lb sledge hammer and a wood block. Still isn’t budging. I can see some corrosion around where the collar and axle meet, so that has to be the problem. I guess I have to just keep at it. Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, I need to replace the rear disk break on my 1997 vfr750 and I am having more trouble than I expected at removing the rear axle. I was able to remove the left side nut and lockwasher, but the collar just wont come out. As I understand it, once I remove that collar I should be able to just slide out the axle, but it just wont budge. I have been spraying liquid wrench in every nook and cranny and banging on the darn thing with a rubber hammer to try to slide out the axle, but it just wont budge. It is almost as if that collar is just fused on there. Any suggestions as to what I can do? Thank you!
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