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  1. bobbyn

    Georgia VFR

    My trip to Atlanta and the rides/commutes that followed.
  2. bobbyn

    Where to ride are ATL area.

    I was looking at riding up to The Red Top State Park. Any diners on the way? (As far as city riding, I learned to ride commuting from Queens to Manhattan for 18 years. But I have no desire to ride downtown.)
  3. bobbyn

    Where to ride are ATL area.

    I finally moved and have the new house sorted out. No Home Depot trips planned this weekend. So where does Atlanta motorcyclists go for a ride? Are there diners, greasy spoons, cafes where you meet before heading out for the days ride? Are the twisty roads 1 hour away, two hours away...? All I know is to head north and that's about it. Help a brother out! Bobby
  4. Very nice! What model year?
  5. I went out to the garage. Fiddled with this, cleaned that. Watched the battery tender light blink... *sigh*
  6. bobbyn

    Letchworth Village Ride

    Abandoned psych facilities.
  7. bobbyn

    Picture Thread

    My addition from last week.
  8. Thebigtea,


    I'm looking at buying a leftover 2014 VFR800 at the Cedar Creek Motorsports, Cedarburg, WI for $7911.50 out the door. Have you dealt with them, particularly Mark Adams?


    I have to fly from NY for the deal but even with travel costs its still cheaper the the local guys. 


    Any info would be appreciated. 



  9. After going through many batteries (including a borrowed Li battery, $$$ ouch), and a few regular rectifiers, I've come to the conclusion that stator might be bad. A buddy who is a wiz on electrics confirmed this today, so I need to replace my 1997 VFR750 stator. I'm catching up on this topic and learned the OEM part is history. So its either an aftermarket or a rebuilt unit. This post (fantastic, by the way) is not really clear on either/or, so I'm asking: for a cheap S.O.B. like me what should I look into?
  10. bobbyn


    Wyoming welcome wagon?
  11. bobbyn

    NYC Motorcycle Show

  12. bobbyn



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