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  1. bobbyn

    Georgia VFR

    My trip to Atlanta and the rides/commutes that followed.
  2. bobbyn

    Where to ride are ATL area.

    I was looking at riding up to The Red Top State Park. Any diners on the way? (As far as city riding, I learned to ride commuting from Queens to Manhattan for 18 years. But I have no desire to ride downtown.)
  3. bobbyn

    Where to ride are ATL area.

    I finally moved and have the new house sorted out. No Home Depot trips planned this weekend. So where does Atlanta motorcyclists go for a ride? Are there diners, greasy spoons, cafes where you meet before heading out for the days ride? Are the twisty roads 1 hour away, two hours away...? All I know is to head north and that's about it. Help a brother out! Bobby
  4. bobbyn

    May sell my '14

    “Better a dead nail than no bike at all!” - Ogri
  5. bobbyn

    NYC to ATL road trip

    What was left of my tire. I’m still amazed I found an open Honda MC dealership on a Monday!
  6. bobbyn

    NYC to ATL road trip

    Made it to ATL. What a great ride, but I did find out the hard way that the BRMP road surface eats tires. About 120 miles into the trip my rear tire was showing steel belts! I was lucky to find Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg OPEN on a Monday. It it was a long, slow, tense ride from the top of the mountain to the dealer about 30 miles away. They took care of me in 30 minutes and I was back on the road. Now I need to find some local roads out of Marietta to check on Sunday mornings. Any suggestions?
  7. bobbyn

    NYC to ATL road trip

    Kickstand up early Sunday morning to my new home in Atlanta. I am not much of a planner, just gas & go. My initial plan is to ride to Front a Royal and figure out my next step over lunch. If any motels have WiFi I’ll post some pics. Thanks for all the tips.
  8. bobbyn

    NYC to ATL road trip

    This is all excellent stuff. I will be shopping online with my morning coffee. One more question: will the the 8th gen charging system handle plugging in my phone while riding? I ask because I tried this on my 5th gen and had a years worth of charging problems afterward. In fact it cost me my first trip to the BRP/Skyline Dr. Once bitten, twice shy. Bobby
  9. bobbyn

    NYC to ATL road trip

    The trip has a time limit, so there will be a balance of highway drone and back country strafing. Any input on throttle locks, tire kits?
  10. I am moving to the ATL area next month with my company and will be riding the 2014 Viffer down as part of the move. Its been quite a while since I taken such a road trip & I'm very much looking forward to it. I am asking for the collective wisdom here for advice. What's the best scenic route that will cover this distance in three days? I'm a little old and rusty so I'm looking for suggestions regarding simple cruise control/throttle lock, tire fix kit and a jump start box. Thanks! Bobby soon to be ex-NYer
  11. bobbyn

    Angled Valve Stems

    All my old, crotchety and cheap biker buddys swear by Kurvey Girl valve stems. Each of our "A Team" has a specialty we share to help with our bikes. Because we go through so many tires we have one guy with a tire changer (and one who can change tires by hand), so installing angled valve stems are SOP. I have them on both my VFR's and my sons Ninja.
  12. Very nice! What model year?
  13. I went out to the garage. Fiddled with this, cleaned that. Watched the battery tender light blink... *sigh*
  14. bobbyn

    Letchworth Village Ride

    Abandoned psych facilities.
  15. bobbyn

    Picture Thread

    My addition from last week.

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