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  1. vfr661

    Stuff For Sale

  2. vfr661


  3. vfr661


  4. It's not as cold as it looks. As I recall it was in the high 60s to mid 70s while riding through this section. In the Yosemite Valley it was a bit warm.
  5. vfr661

    Lake Hughes Rd Ride

    Always looking for others to ride with in SoCal.
  6. I had the same question until I check that he's from India....
  7. vfr661

    2010 TRIP 285.jpg

    Love the cup holder...
  8. vfr661

    Givi luggage system for 5th gen

    3 givi maxia cases
  9. vfr661

    Mount Palomar

    nice yellow wheels.
  10. vfr661

    Items for Sale

    Stuff left over that needs to be sold
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